Jack Robertson

Jack Robertson is a Singer/songwriter/musician and pole dancer. Jack was born in Ft. Worth and raised in Arkansas. Jack played regularly in Branson, MO for 6 years before getting a record deal in Nashville in the early 90’s. He had a few singles released to radio and three videos on CMT and none of them did crap!

As a songwriter, Jack had a couple of songs recorded by major artists, which earned him enough money to buy a few cases of beer.  He also toured and opened up concerts for numerous country music acts across the U.S.  That's when he made love to Shania Twain and Faith Hill in his van because he couldn't afford a bus. In the late 90’s he played music in Europe and had a little chart success. He also found out prostitution is legal in parts of Europe, but it can be expensive!

Jack currently lives in Foley, AL and has been playing along the Alabama gulf coast and at the Flora-Bama for the past 16 years. Most people know him by Big Earl now (more so than Jack). Jack has recorded eight “Alabama Big Earl” comedy CD’s and is having the most fun he's ever had!  

You can check out Jack Robertson's website @ www.alabamabigearl.com. The end.