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Fun Stuff

  • Solo Shot Cup with Lanyard

    SKU: JJGJOXVA5K / In Stock: 918

    Regular Price: $8.00



    What's the quickest and best way to get involved in a free round of shots? Duh.. wear a shot glass around your neck! Be prepared at ALL times, my friend. I mean, who doesn't love a good ol' toast to...well, just about anything worth celebrating!  We are always celebrating something around here. To accommodate your celebratory needs, The Flora-Bama Gift Shop is now offering a 2oz shot glass (cup) attached to a lanyard. We know.  Genius, right?  So.....why mark your cup with a Sharpie when you can simply wear it around your neck? Never misplace your drinking gear again.  Wear, guzzle, then wear. Repeat. Simple. Just be sure and bring that designated driver. OR if not, we got cab drivers, and lots of 'em.   

    • Dishwasher safe ONLY after lanyard is removed
    • Available in several colors, as shown!!