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Beverage Holders


  • Beer Pong Set

    SKU: CRIKRJ1C41 / In Stock: 50

    Regular Price: $25.00


    Oh Yeah!!! You knew we had to do it sooner or later. Ye ol' Party Pong Set with the Flora-Logo intact. Or as we call it in the South, "Beer Pong".

    Always, always sure to be a ton of fun, whether at the beach or at your personal "Party Headquarters",  Be sure and take lots of pics and videos and post to Facebook. Uh... on second thought, confiscate the cell phones at the door. There's always that one guy. Yeah, you know the one. 
    Nevertheless, you are never too old to participate in a good ol' game of "Beer Pong" with some good friends. 

    Let the fun commence!